We started in the 70’s with Foxbrae Flora of Ghyllbeck (Stella)
& Foxbrae Zennia (Zena)

Ch Foxbrae Flora of Ghyllbeck

Foxbrae was the kennel name of Mrs Pam Perkins who was very influential
in the importation & popularising of Large Munsterlanders in Britian.

Besides being competent workers both these bitches produced
Full Champion progeny. In addition Foxbrae Flora of Ghyllbeck
became the first Full Champion bitch in the breed & accumulated
a total of 5 CC’s, 3 Best of Breeds & 8 RCC’s,
this in the days when there were very few sets of CC’s on offer.
Stella also set the Breed Field Trial record by winning a total of
16 Field Trial awards, a record which remains unbroken to this day.