We consolidated in the 80’s with 2 Full Champions,
2 Australian Champions, & a New Zealand Champion

1980 First Field Trial award & first CC
1983 Ch Foxbrae Flora of Ghyllbeck gains her title
1984 Ghyllbeck Otis & Ghyllbeck Pandion gain their Australian titles
1986 Ghyllbeck Mergus is declared "Our Dogs" Top Sire
1988 Ch Ghyllbeck Falco gains his title
Ghyllbeck Monarch is declared "Our Dogs" Top Sire
1989 Ghyllbeck Tui gains his New Zealand title

Konny von der Langen Weide (Imp)

In 1986 Konny von der Langen Weide (Corrie) was imported.
Born in Germany at the highly successful Langen Weide kennel
of Herr Manfried Westermeier, Although only lightly shown
herself, Corrie is probably the most influential Large Munsterlander
bitch ever to have been imported into this country as is evidenced
by her progeny which includes Champions & Full Champions.
Just one of Corrie’s litters included 2 Full Champions & a Show Champion
which won a total of 51 CC’s & 18 Field Trial awards.
All of which enabled Corrie to win the Top Brood Bitch award in
1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998 & again in 1999