Field Trials

Most owners are appreciative of their dog's

abilities and are keen to relate them to any-one

who will listen, however, the saying tells us that

self praise is no recommendation and a somewhat

less biased account is more likely from a third party.

This can be provided through the medium of a Field Trial

where dogs can be tested under controlled conditions.

The Kennel Club formulates the rules and approves the

judges for these events which are conducted during the

shooting season in conditions as close as possible to a

normal shooting day. As is the case with all such contests,

they do have their detractors but they are at least

tangible evidence of a dog's ability.

The ultimate accolade in field trial circles is the title

Field Trial Champion which is attained by a dog winning

two field trials designated as championships. No

Ghyllbeck dog has, as yet, achieved this status although

Geoff as a Kennel Club panel Judge since 1984

has been instrumental in awarding a number of dogs

the qualification. However, we have had a lot of fun along the way.

In keeping with the Ghyllbeck policy of continuous expansion of HPR knowledge, several trials have

been visited on the continent in both Germany and Denmark, where it has been possible to observe

the differences in procedure and objectives as well as the variety of rarer breeds of HPR. With the

expansion of the EU it is hoped to further broaden Ghyllbeck experience of methods and breeds.


The following are some of the Ghyllbeck dogs to have gained Field Trial Awards

Champion Foxbrae Flora
of Ghyllbeck
Bowside Kestrelle Champion Ghyllbeck Vinca

Ghyllbeck Tipula Champion
Ghyllbeck Holcus
Brown Velvet

Ghyllbeck Crecca Champion
Ghyllbeck Falco
Ghyllbeck Rallus

Ghyllbeck Tringa Midlander
Will Scarlet
Champion Ghyllbeck Raphidia