Champion Foxbrae Flora of Ghyllbeck
(Breed Field Trial Record Holder 1984 - 2013)
16 F.T. awards plus 5 CC's, 3 BOB's & 8 RCC's

Born on 14.02.78 Stella proved

to be an excellent working dog

winning many awards at Working Tests

from an early age and eventually

progressed to competing in Field Trials.

Always Alert


She gained her first F.T award,

A Certificate of Merit at the LMC

Novice Trial at Hall Barn on 8th October 1980.

During this, her first trialling season

she accrued a total of 5 F.T. awards.

Able to handle any game


Also during this year she won her

first CC and BOB at SKC. This was the

third show where CC's were on offer to the breed,

and as a result Stella became the first bitch to

take BOB at a Championship show. This record setting

CC & BOB was also the first for the Ghyllbeck kennel.


National Gundog 1983


Stella also passed on her working

abilities to her offspring,

producing winners of 12 F.T. awards

and 9 CC's, as well as the first

Champion in Australia

An excellent mouth


During her working career

Stella appeared in the Channel 4 TV series

'Jacks Game' On The Grouse Moor Edition

as well as winning a total of 16 F.T awards

a record which she held for 29 years.


Awards up to 1984


Photo taken on Stella's 14th birthday