The Ghyllbeck kennel has always sought to develop contacts with HPR enthusiasts wherever they are to be found, consequently, in addition to the contented owners in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands, Ghyllbeck has links in more far flung locations

The strongest being Germany,since one of Ghyllbeck’s foundation bitches,Foxbrae Zennia was of totally German breeding,having been born in quarantine. Ghyllbeck have maintained this connection and Barbara was particularly pleased to receive recently her silver badge to commemorate 25 years membership of the VGM, The German Large Munsterlander Club. As well as importing German stock to broaden existing blood-lines, following recent relaxation of transportation regulations, use has been made of previously virtually unavailable stud dogs in Germany. With the help of a wide circle of friends in Germany, it has been possible to broaden and extend appreciation of HPRs by not only meeting numerous breeders and owners but also attending shows and trials where it has been possible to observe breeds of HPRs which are, as yet, unknown in Britain
Denmark is another country where HPRs are appreciated and where unknown breeds have been observed,thanks to the kindness of Ghyllbeck’s long established friends in that country. Denmark’s Scandinavian neighbour Norway also has a Ghyllbeck connection as it is the home of Ghyllbeck Katya.
It is not surprising that Large Munsterlanders are well known in Holland, bordering, as it does, the breeds ancestral homeland and shows are frequently held in that country where the Ghyllbeck kennel members have been made very welcome.
Ghyllbeck are also delighted with their Antipodean influence,having been instrumental in establishing Large Munsterlanders in both Australia and New Zealand. Ghyllbecks were amongst the very first of the breed in Australia, thanks to the efforts of Kathy and Frank Seeley of the Seelenmeyer kennel in Melbourne, who imported Ghyllbeck Otis, Ghyllbeck Pandion, and Barry von Entenschnabel to provide a breeding base for the breed, all of which became Australian Champions; Otis and Pandion
being the parents of the first Australian Field Trial Champion in the breed.
These were followed by Ghyllbeck Carlina who went to Josie & Rob Pegler’s in Melbourne and became a champion in her own right, helping to contribute to the soundness of the breed down-under.
The Ghyllbeck influence in New Zealand is through Ghyllbeck Tui, the breed’s first New Zealand Champion who has contributed to the development of the breed in the Southern hemisphere.
Ghyllbeck Tamus went out to Quebec when Large Munsterlanders were virtually unknown in North America and although she was never involved in competition, turned a few heads there.

Ghyllbecks are also represented in Africa by Ghyllbeck Duiker who went out there to earn her keep tracking big game in Namibia.