Ghyllbeck's introduction to the show ring began

in 1971 with the arrival of our first GSP

Midlander Brown Velvet. Lisa proved to be a

quality specimen and had success at both Open

& Championship shows, in the days when classes

were few and far between. Exhibited by Barbara

they took their and the kennels first Best of Breed

in 1972, and in doing so became engrossed.

Ghyllbeck's first BOB 1972


Success continued into the 80's with the

introduction of Large Munsterlanders.

Bitches Foxbrae Flora & Foxbrae Zennia were

successful during the breeds formative years

in the UK. Indeed, in 1983 Flora became the breeds

first Full Champion bitch after receiving her 3rd CC,

having already accumulated 8 F.T.Awards.

Championship show 1981


Both bitches proved influencial

to the breed by producing a number

of Full Champion offspring, including

2 Australian Champions and a New

Zealand Champion. By the mid 80's

the kennel decided it was important

to increase their gene pool.


Zena & Flora


As a result in 1986

Konny v d Langen Weide

was imported from Southern Germany,

a move which proved to be very successful.

Although only lightly shown herself,

Corrie is the most influential

LM bitch to be imported into the UK.

Konny v d Langen Weide


During the 90's Ghyllbeck had its most

fruitful period in the showring to date.

In 1991 Corrie produced the Ghyllbeck

"Grasses" litter, which remains the only

LM litter in the UK to amass a total of

over 50 CC's, plus 18 F.T Awards. We also gained

3 Full Champions, 5 Sh Ch's & an Aust. Champion.


Accumulated by the "Grasses" litter


We started the 2000's with 2 more Full Champions.

Then in 2003 Holcus retired after becoming the

oldest LM to win a CC at almost 12 years of age.

Early in 2006 Ghyllbeck Caprius took RBD at LMC

spring show at 13m of age, continuing the Ghyllbeck

showing dynasty, which bodes well for the future.

Corrie with her Champion progeny

It has always been the Ghyllbeck belief that the two disciplines of showing and working are of equal

importance to maintain standards, consequently Ghyllbeck dogs have made an impact in the showring.

And here are some of the more notable awards:-

BOB Crufts 1994, 1995, 1996 & 1999

Best in Show at Breed Club Championship Shows
1993, 1997 & 2003

Best in Show at Breed Club and Group Open Shows
1994 twice, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000 & 2002 twice.

Dog & bitch CC, 1993, 1994 3 times,
1995, 1997 & 1999


Crufts 1999, DCC & BOB, BCC & RBCC

1997 was a very noteable year for the Ghyllbeck kennel, winning
5 of the 6 major LMC awards and 5 of the 6 canine press awards available to the breed.

Crufts 1999 also proved rewarding with a first prize for each of the five
Ghyllbecks exhibited by the kennel, including DCC, BCC, RBCC and Best of Breed.

There are also competitions devised by the canine press based on points systems,
which are awarded for success in the show-ring to winning dogs and their progeny.
These Ghyllbeck dogs have all featured in the contests.


Top Brood Bitch
1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998 & 1999
Konny v d Langen Weide mit Ghyllbeck (Imp)

Top Stud Dog
1998 Ch. Ghyllbeck Holcus

Top Dog
1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 & 1997
Ch Ghyllbeck Holcus

2000 Sh.Ch. Ghyllbeck Rallus

Top Brood - can also work



Top Breeder
Ghyllbeck 1995, 1996, 1997

Top Sire
1986 Ghyllbeck Mergus,
1988 Ghyllbeck Monarch,
1997 Ch Ghyllbeck Holcus

Top Puppy
1992 Ghyllbeck Holcus
1997 Ghyllbeck Steinbok
1998 Ghyllbeck Rallus


BIS LMC Ch Sh 2003

Awards gained in 1997