The working ability of Ghyllbeck dogs
has always been a primary concern, simply
because the sole reason for HPRs existence
is to work. In general most HPR breeds are
relatively modern,developed purely as an
adjunct to their originators sport,in short
they are hunting machines!
If sight of this fact is lost then a key factor
of each breedís make-up is missing, since every facet
of this make-up exists as a component of the breedís

original function. However, working ability is not
considered in isolation, it is just as important that
the dog looks like what it is meant to be.
Functional elegance is the aim.  

As a result of this working requirement
most Ghyllbeck Large Munsterlanders
carry a strong influence of German blood,
since in their homeland dogs are required
to demonstrate working ability before
receiving approval for breeding.

This is one reason why Ghyllbeck dogs are rarely
seen in competitive field events as one of the
primary concerns when placing a new pup is that
it is going to be in a working environment.
Consequently the majority of Ghyllbeck pups are
owned by practical shooting people who work their
dogs in preference to trialling them.

The Ghyllbeck working reputation was
established in 1977 by Lisa, when the
Country Landowners Associations staged,
for the first time, a competitive HPR
demonstration at its annual Game Fair
held in that year at Woburn Abbey.

After qualifying for this event through a
national competition open to all HPRs, she
went on to win in front of an appreciative
audience. Since that time Ghyllbeck dogs
have continued to demonstrate their ability
with successes in numerous competitions.